Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Council candidates back ethical investment policy at Leith Walk Hustings

In answer to a question from the floor at Edinburgh Leith Walk Hustings regarding the council's investment in BAE Systems, responses were as follows

Green - Yes we will disinvest, and as Greens have done whevever they are elected to councils, push for an ethical investment policy, and invest in more positive things.

Labour - Yes, I understand there has been some discussion of this

Conservative - I have suffered under Robert Mugabe, and its shocking a british company would sell to him. However council workers also need good pensions, so I agree as long as it doesn't cost them too much.

Lib Dem - Yes

Solidarity (Scotland's Socialist Movement) - Yes, and we will build alternative industries so that workers can work for things which are designed to sustain the planet not destroy it.

SNP - We are thoroughly opposed to Trident, so I guess we would support this too.

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