Sunday, 15 April 2007

Amnesty, WDM, Jubilee, CAAT and candidates from Greens, Labour and Libdems back campaign in letter to Scottish newspapers

Dear Sir,

We write to offer our support for the proposal for Edinburgh Council to adopt an ethical investment policy. This would mean that if councillors or members of the public are unhappy with the actions of a company in which the council has shares, this may be voted on, and shares withdrawn. Many universities and churches across the country have taken such principled actions. We challenge Scottish councils to do so too, and council candidates to declare whether they support such a route of action.

Yours truly,

Ruth Cameron, Convener, Scottish Young Greens
Malcolm Chisholm, Labour Candidate, Edinburgh North and Leith
Gary Dunion, Green Candidate, Central region
Janet Fenton, Co-ordinator, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre
Robin Harper, Convener, Scottish Green Party
Liz Law, Chair, Edinburgh Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Ben Miller, Convener, Edinburgh People and Planet
Maureen Moore, Director, Ash Scotland
Julian Parrott, Ethical Futures
Kirstie Shirra, Director, World Development Movement Scotland
Mike Pringle, Lib Dem candidate, Edinburgh South
Ben Young, Director, Jubilee Scotland
John Watson, Director, Amnesty Scotland

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