Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Campaign wins support of Edinburgh Peace and Justice Resource Centre

From Edinburgh Peace and Justice Resource centre

The Edinburgh Peace and Justice Resource Centre is glad to see
that the City Council is being urged to end its £2m holding in BAE Systems. (Tuesday, Edinburgh Evening News) In addition to considering the effect of arms sales to brutal regimes, councillors should also bear in mind BAE’s undue
influence on Government policy. Almost unbelievably the Serious Fraud
Office was compelled to abandon its investigation into how BAE secured
a big arms deal with Saudi Arabia. One reason for the decision to replace Trident could be that BAE needed the contracts: - otherwise its workforce might have drifted away to more constructive and peaceable employment.

The whole arms trade is at odds with efforts to create a sustainable world order,
does not deserve investment, and is completely unacceptable to many employees of the City Council as well as to many of those who pay the City’s Council tax.
BAE is notorious, no matter how often its name is changed.

Janet Fenton

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