Monday, 29 October 2007

University's ethics on trial

Press Release


University's Ethics on Trial
For Immediate Release

Edinburgh University's ethical and environmental record is to 'go on trial' at this years Student AGM. As the deadline passed at 5 o clock today, a record number of motions had been submitted, calling for greener accommodation, cleaner investment and more ethical checks on research.

The calls come following a number of scandals including the revelations that the university holds more than £500,000 of shares in TOTAL oil (the biggest funder of the Burmese regime), and an investigation by Stop the War Society that reveals that the university designs equipment for the Pentagon.

Second year Biology student Sarah Holliday said 'The University prides itself on its socially responsible reputation. We want to help them live up to that'.

Past AGMs have succeeded in getting the university to strip Robert Mugabe of his honourary degree, twin with Birzeit University in Palestine and become a Fairtrade University.

The vote will take place on the 7th November at 7pm in George Square Theatre. All students are welcome.



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